Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It is time for impeachment. Up until now, I have felt that the American people can let this administration go, as a bad period, and go forward with some new administration, Republican or Democrat, or Third Party.

The new (renewal of the old) position of the President on torture [our people (CIA) authorized to act as the SS, Gestapo, and KGB] pushes me over the line. The American people are deserving of a better reputation than the President is giving us. We ought not to have to defend our country’s refusal to abide international treaties and moral codes. I am so ashamed of the image of America brought about by this President [Vice President at the helm] that I want to speak up now for impeachment, rather than let the time pass and be put in the silent group.

I am hereby going on record. Without hate, "With malice toward none ....", I favor impeachment of the Vice President and the President and the Attorney General. Now when I face a foreigner, I can say I objected, I am not of the same mind as President George W. Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Put yourself in the position of those who are delegates to the United Nations. They see what they consider to be a disregard and violation of international law, in the actions of these American leaders. They wonder whether the American people are like their leaders, whether they approve of what their leaders are doing. Perhaps impeachment will offset most of the damage to our country’s image. Perhaps impeachment, not for lying under oath about sexual misconduct and crimes, but for violation of international law, a part of our law, will send the message that we are governed by a rule of law and are not international outlaws.

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