Monday, October 30, 2006


Joe Bisquithooks sells the home place, and the deed is recorded. Recording is done by photocopying, and a record is put on a digital database. The clerk in the office of County Clerk (real estate records) can access the information with his computer. Why cannot we BIG CITIZENS do the same?

Yes, I can get in my car and drive down to Fifth and Marquette IN Albuquerque; go into the county office building; go to the sixth floor to the office of the County Clerk; and ask a clerk to look into his computer screen and tell me whether Joe Bisquithooks has signed a deed to the home place. Why is this database NOT ON LINE?

A “public” hearing is taking place in federal Court; it is a motion to suppress evidence in a State corruption prosecution. Yes, I can get in my car and drive down to the federal courthouse on Fourth and Lomas, park in a secure place, walk a block and enter the front door, go through a checkpoint, go to the courtroom, and see the proceedings. Why are these proceedings not put on line with an unobtrusive video camera sending a video stream ON LINE, so that BIG CITIZEN can know better what the government is doing?

All public records and all public proceedings should be on line.