Monday, May 14, 2007


US President Signs 15-billion-dollar Bill for Fighting AIDS
1. US President George W. Bush on Tuesday signed a 15-billion-dollar bill for the global fight against AIDS, saying it is a "moral duty" for the country to extend a helping hand.

We were surprised and saddened to read an Ellen Goodman column (May 7, 2007), in which it is stated that a third of the prevention money ($100 million) has been spent for abstinence only programs. Goodman goes on to say that abstinence only programs are not effective in prevention of aids. The numbers are shocking, if accurate: $300 million has been put up in the four years since the pledge. That leaves $14 billion plus to be put up by May, 2008.

We would be happy if a reader in a comment would be able to show that more of the $15 billion had been spent. Meanwhile, we will send a copy of this blog to Congress to see.

We hope the President keeps the pledge; and we submit that the remainder of the $15 billion should be given over to the apopropriate UN agency for distribution and oversight. We were proud when the President made that pledge, and warmed to him.

Yes, we have heard of the food for oil scandal, but that was one scandal, and it said more about businessmen who bribe (including Americans) than it said about the UN employees.