Monday, July 09, 2007


We hear about “insurance coverage,” and “health care overage,” and then we hear that 46% of New Mexicans do not have coverage. What does that mean? It does not mean that these 46% do not have health care. Some pay cash. Some simply go to the emergency room of a hospital and get care as “emegencies.”

We submit that this picture is much worse than it seems. That is because insurance policies and premiums vary. Some with "coverage" lack health care. What would a full overage policy cost? We do not know. Here is the coverage that we are talking about.

First, no medical examination. Forget about pre-existing conditions. The company must sell the policy to any resident (citizen?), and the wife and children. The policy should cover the cost of vaccinations, etc., to prevent disease. It should cover the cost of routine and other tests, as preventative medical care. For example, a regular MRI (the standing up type if it is best); ex-ray; pap smear; mammogram; colonoscopy; examinations for the skin, eyes, nose, throat, etc.; tests of blood and other body fluids and secretions, etc., including the over 200 blood tests. Every preventative (prophylaxis?) test on a regular basis, dictated by factors other than financial.

During illness, for the duration, with no time limit, all the competent care and treatment available. Same for hospital, and specialists. No more denial of recognized, safe treatment on basis that it is “experimental.” Have you heard of a denial of coverage for cheap procedures? How many cancer patients (now deceased) were denied MRI’s or marrow transplants because they were experimental, or not indicated by history? Universal care is the fair way; all patients are alike. Treat like “Bones” would treat on the Enterprise: to each according to her need.

What would this insurance cost? Does the word “astronomical” come to mind? If we do not know, how can we intelligently discuss the subject of universal health care? Is not that the logical starting place if we plan a change in our health care?