Friday, January 21, 2005


Perhaps we should promote the idea of "Universe," a new language, a universal second language of 100 words to start. The United States Ambassador to the United Nations could make the proposal. We would have no motive except to promote world peace. The United Nations could assign its best scientists and linguists, and create a 100-word language that is easy to speak and is easy to write (digits?) on the World Wide Web. "Reverse Babel" is the idea. Giving all nations of the Earth a share of a universal language, setting aside nationalism and other divisions, and promoting tolerance and understanding, and ultimately, peace. Only 100 words to start, and for a generation to come, because the language will grow by itself if it is successful, and we want to encourage adults to learn it now. With the 100-word "Universe," travellers could go from country to country, or onto the web, learning and communicating, without being self-conscious.