Saturday, July 07, 2007

I am recommending the Same-as-Congress Medical Plan. It is good enough for me. If I can, I will switch from Medicare and Blue Cross, to the SAC Med Plan. The SAC Med Plan should be a one payer system. The payer is the federal taxpayer. We will all be in the same boat.

Body parts do not go to the highest bidder; some are not even for sale. If you are sick enough to need dialysis, that is automatically a federal taxpayer burden. The federal taxpayer pays at least in part for a medical plan for members of Congress. Let us all in the same lifeboat.

You may agree on the principle that all should get medical care, and that all should have equal care, but the socialism factor may stand in your way of supporting a SAC Med Plan. Do not be dissuaded. To each according to her needs is all right, and the right thing to do, in this very important (but limited) area. It is like universal military service to protect the country. All share the burden. Because every baby faces a future of possible service and sacrifice as cannon fodder, every baby has an entitlement, a right to the SAC Medical Plan.

My vote goes for the SAC Medical Plan. I am asking Representative Steve Pearce,
Representative Heather Wilson, Representative Tom Udall, Senator Jeff Bingaman, and
Senator Pete Domenici to vote for SAC Medical Plan.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Now that we again have State laws in New Mexico that permit smoked marijuana for medicinal purposes (by prescription), what do we do about the threat of former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias? Iglesias wrote our legislature, stating that if New Mexico legalized smoked marijuana for terminally ill patients by doctor presciption, he, Iglesias, would prosecute those who tried to carry out that law, for, after all, the federal prohibition scheme was paramount law.

Iglesias has been fired, by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Assistant United States Attorney Larry Gomez, a career State and federal prosecutor will probably take his cue from Gonzales and staff. Woe. It has been estimated that 50 million Americans have puffed on the evil weed. It is okay to make them felons, and deprive them of the vote. But little old grandmothers with terminal cancer or other nauseating diseases? Yes, President Clinton stood up for enforcement of the federal law in these circumstances; and President Bush seems to take the same prosecutorial stance. Is it time for Congress to act?

Smoked marijuana is a dangerous gateway drug, I contend. Gateway to tobacco, a great killer and disabler. Bad for you. Not as bad as beer and spirits, I expect, but bad nonetheless. But prescription smoked marijuana for suffering old women? Get a perspective!

A stop gap solution is for Senator Pete Dominici and Congresswoman Heather Wilson to make phone calls to the Acting U. S. Attorney. They could urge him to give this medicinal marijuana law of New Mexico a chance to succeed. If it is abused, get after those abusers. If the medicinal marijuana law is not abused, put the federal drug war resources into fighting heroin, etc.