Saturday, March 03, 2007


What a bunch of hypocrites! Putting down Governor Gary Johnson, and John Dendahl (you ran him out of New Mexico). Using clever remarks such as “snow bunnies“ and “Puff Daddy.”

Oh ye hypocrites! Begone, or put up or shut up! I am not asking you if you have experimented with weed. I am asking you whether the 50 million who have should be in prison. That is the law you have sprouted and supported.

As a criminal lawyer and prosecutor, I have prosecuted seeds and one stick cases and defended 10,000 pounds cases. Where do you stand?

Hide out, congress! Hide out, state legislature of Arizona and New Mexico!

He who knows all observes all.


Today Congressman Steve Pearce, who represents the Southern district of New Mexico, came to Albuquerque and appeared on the Jim Villaneuci show on KKOB radio. A caller related a complaint about some nursing home, not named, in which patients were neglected, for example, they were left [with untidied diapers]. Congressman Pearce stated that that was a “state issue,” and made no further comment. Later in the show he said that he was up there in Washington to look after the best interests of the people of New Mexico. What? Is it the case that no federal taxpayer money is used to subsidize nursing home care?

Here is a suggestion. If federal taxpayer money is to be allocated to provide hospice care, or personal care, for New Mexico citizens, why not put the program on line? TV cameras monitor the care and the digits are on line (not accessible by general public, but by those with a right to know). How is Grandma in the nursing home? Is her bed clothing changed as needed? Let us get on line and see.

What has Congressman Pearce to offer on this problem, if he acknowledges that he has a responsibility?

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Governor Bill Richardson deserves a fair chance in the Democrat party primary for President. [I do not find the term "Democrat" offensive, even in this sense.]

One albatross is the rooster fighting gambling. Rooster fighters (the non-combatants, like Rush Limbaugh), the ones who say "Let's you and him fight!" Gamblers! Not gaming, gambling! The so-called tradition of cock fighting is based on gambling.

We need to correct our laws to eliminate another possible albatross. Now, while the legislature is in session, we need to overhaul our short gun laws. During territorial days and up until 1963, it was unlawful to carry a firearm, except while traveling. No carrying in villages, towns or cities. Since 1963, carrying a firearm openly has been lawful (with restrictions as to places, age of carrier, etc.). This is not even law of the old West. This is law of the ridiculous!

Why saddle Governor Richardson with this albatross? Now is the time. We have the time, in this session of the legislature. Let us lift this burden from the back of the Governor, and bring New Mexico more into the Union.