Friday, January 05, 2007


New Mexico's Governor, Bill Richardson, began his second four-year term on Monday, January 1, 2007. In his speech, Governor Richardson set some very important goals. Here are several, dealing with the lives of the children of New Mexico.

Speaking of his first term, the Governor said, "We made health insurance more affordable for small businesses, and guaranteed that every child under five can get quality health care." He explained that [even now] "Too many New Mexico families have their home budget stretched and their opporunities limited, by poor health and no health care."

Looking ahead, he said, "I believe that together, we can make New Mexico a place where every child can get a sound education, grow up safe and healthy, find a good paying job, be near their families and build their dreams. . . . . Because for New Mexico -- the best is yet to come."

These words warm the heart. Now let us put forth a challenge to our sister Western states to match these goals. Yes, we are speaking of entitlements, and that means taxpayer money. Let us face it; first things first.