Sunday, September 10, 2006


Stanley Crouch, in his syndicated column in the Albuquerque Journal of April 29, 2006, argues that we should “Declare Victory and End Drug War.” We could even acknowledge defeat and end the drug war. Abuse of recreational drugs (including alcohol) should be against the law; and the law should be so reasonable that it will be enforced, evenly, fairly and with good judgment. The key word here is "abuse."

We now see in the news that Afghanistan produces 90% of the world supply of opium. The USA uses enough cocaine and heroin to support drug lords the world over. We support these people by imposing prohibition. Drug prohibition.

Does it follow from one’s opposition to the war on drugs, prohibition, that one advocates use of recreational drugs? No. We can be against recreational use of drugs, and against prohibition as we know it. In 1956, fifty years ago, the federal government enacted laws to impose mandatory prison terms for simple possession. Draconian measures; full prisons; turf wars; etc. This war is a failure. More than 50 million have used marijuana. That is a federal offense. Even if your State allows it; even if your doctor prescribes it; watch out, as the United States Attorney General and the United States Attorney will prosecute you. They threaten the Legislature of New Mexico to prevent passage of a medical marijuana bill. What have we come to?

Gary Johnson, while Governor of New Mexico, had the courage to advocate an end to prohibition as we know it. This is not a partisan issue. President Clinton at least tried (used) marijuana; and so did President George W. Bush. Is this not common knowledge? How can we imprison for that? How can we ruin lives, for that? How can we support drug lords for that, when people could grow their own marijuana, more easily than making home brew? Let us work on legislation to end this "war," and yet minimize the harm that comes from the abuse of these drugs.

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