Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Albuquerque Public School District is proposing a 351 million bond issue for a new high school. We have a suggestion. Have the architect build in a nurse's station and a dental technician's station, state of the art.

Prophylaxis and feasible on-site care for the school children, paid as part of the science program. No more worry about what dentist to send the poor to [Medicaid is too stingy and full of red tape (!!??)].

We can all feel good. Who would begrudge a first grader or (especially) a ninth grader getting a tooth cleaning, instruction in proper dental care and personal hygiene, check ups regularly for cavities, minor filling work, etc.? If this be socialism, so be it. Raw recruits in the miilitary get the same; and all of our children are bound by law to do such military duty when needed. The duty to serve is the consideration for minimal heath care (dental here) in advance, when most needed. This makes sense, because we need healthy young people to do the fighting.

Take the crime of mayhem. The King had the right to the services of every man as a fighting man. Cut off a limb of a vicltim, and you have committed mayhem, because the male victim can no longer fight for the King when needed. Same with putting out an eye, or knocking out some teeth. Deprive a King's subject of the ability to fight and you commit mayhem.

This is conservatism. The principle is ancient, mellowed in the crucible of time.

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