Saturday, February 25, 2006


If you have read this far, I expect you to say the question (in the title) is frivolous. However, can you really say, from the reports in the news, just what it is that the British company does with respect to six or so of our ports; and which will now be done by the UAE government company ("company")? Proponents and the administration clear up one aspect immediately: security at the ports is in the hands of the United States Coast Guard.

So. What does the comany do? Who do they contract with? What are they obligated to do under the contract? Is it a big contract -- six billion or so? Surely the company does not acquire a real estate interest, by purchase or lease, in the land and water surrounding and making up the port. What do they do?

My interest is heightened by the lineup of people who are publicly debating whether the USA should approve the [assignment of the contract to UAE]: Rush Limbaugh, Jimmy Carter, John McCain, Pete Domenici, are among those FOR; Sean Hannity, Bill Richardson, Heather Wilson, are among those AGAINST (or hold awhile).

The proponents tell us that the company is not there to handle security, only to "operate" the port. They seem to say that we have no right to question a contract such as this [such as what, exactly?] if we are planning to take into consideration the fact that the company is foreign, and is the UAE. If we do take such facts into consideration, we are unreasonably fearful or biased against Arabs.
I am not sorry; I can't accept that.

Here is a place for Senator Pete Domenici (well respected and admired, with a world of experience) to educate us. Tell us what is involved here. Forget about how fearful we are, and give us the benefit of the doubt as to whether we are racial or ethnic profilers in an improper sense.

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