Thursday, December 01, 2005


President George W. Bush, even though his programs are influenced by his religious beliefs [he is wrong to impose his Christian beliefs on others] has a good formula to prevent or help cure AIDS in Africa. It is ABC, abstinence, faithfulness, and condums.

Too bad KKOB radio has two people on who trivialize the problem, on AIDS day. This is a disease. Villaneucci and (I am sorry to say) Richard Eads have trivilized the problem. That is not too bad, because as Jim says, this is a talk show and is for entertainment. But it goes beyond that. He and Richard are saying things that are dangerous to the public.

Jim Villaneucci refers to the two [not the most likely, but the "two"] ways to get AIDS, as [anal sex] and [sex with persons who do drugs with needles]. To our dismay, Richard Eads parrots, "It's preventable!" What did Richard mean? Was he saying, as Jim seemed to be saying, that you can prevent AIDS and keep yourself from getting AIDS, if you do not engage in anal sex or sex with addicts who do drugs with needles?

This is outrageous. KKOB, Villaneucci and Richard Eads should do a series to apologize for their ignorance (best case).

When a caller referred to children in Africa with AIDS, Jim said he felt sorry for the little children, but the money was being wasted! What money? Is he referring to the money used for medicine for the disease? He blithely refers to the 15 billion that USA put up. Wait. It was a pledge of 15 billion over 5 years, which is 3 billion a year. Is that a couple of months of the war in Iraq?

We hereby call on KKOB to apologize for this shallow program, whether entertainment or not, which lets us down in our fight against a terrible disease. When one caller asked about sex with a woman not the wife, Jim started talking about "protection." He also said he was checked for HIV every time he had a physical. What kind of message is he sending? Where is Richard Eads on this? Is it wrong to call this OUTRAGEOUS?

The impression the hosts left from this AIDS program was that one need not worry about AIDS if one did not engage on the receiving end in anal sex, and avoided sex with people who use needles for drug addictions. No emphasis, no reference, to practices to protect oneself otherwise, except the generalization, "protection." And get a blood test every time that you get a physical. Is this comment unfair? Perhaps so.

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