Sunday, October 30, 2005


Here I am, home alone. Watching the game on TV. I am feeling good! Problem is, I am out of beer. Nothing in house. I want to keep drinking, because I am feeling good, watching the game, not hurting anybody, minding my own business. Baloney and cheese and white sliced bread in the ice box, so all is okay, but no beer. If I get in the pickup and try to go to a drive in window, there are no such windows. So I should park and walk in to the gas station, 7-11, or Walgreens, and buy myself a 12 pack. I am not Joe Sixpack.

But I know that if I get in the pickup and start driving down the street, I may hit a child, or crash into a minivan with a mom and children. It is 11:00 a.m., and some are going about their business, not expecting an impaired driver on the streets.

I heard that one blogger said we need home delivery. That is a good idea. I could call and have a case of Coors brought to my door. There are those who oppose that idea, and have got the law fixed so it is illegal for anyone to provide that service (except of course UPS is allowed to deliver wine to the better people). If I could buy my beer like a domino pizza, I would do it. The law says no. No one speaks up for home delivery of booze, except that one blogger.

Perhaps I will just go to sleep and not get in my pickup and endanger those kids on the street. If I go out on the street in my pickup, I hope someone calls DWI RESOURCE CENTER. They can bring an open mind and good judgment to this problem.

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