Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Once again in today's paper we read of speeding by the Governor. This in the City of Albuquerque. Never mind that the driver did not stop; we may accept the story that the driver did not recognize the chaser as the police (unmarked car; civilian clothes). That is not the point. Allegedly there was speeding before any attempt at a stop. The bottom line is, officers claim the Governor was speeding. Reportedly they claimed the vehicle was being driven erratically also, but leave that aside.

When Governor Richardson speeds, he is more dangerous than E. Shirley Baca and her glass pipe. She wasn't driving. Many demanded her resignation.

What is really bad about the speeding by the Governor is that it sets a bad example. We have young people getting their license to drive and going to drivers' school and learning that speed kills. Speeding is dangerous driving. Worse yet, the Governor imposes on the State Police officer who is driving; forcing the officer to violate the law he or she is sworn to uphold.

Also, what about John Denko, head of the Department of Public Safety; he is put in the position of having to cover for or apologize for the Governor. What about Bob Schwartz, the Governor's crime adviser? What about the DWI Czar? The Governor is not being fair to them. You say that is far fetched? Not so, when you consider the fact that the traffic laws, the regulations, are designed to promote safety, to protect the public; and the Department of Public Safety, the DWI Czar and the Crime Advisor are out on the front line promoting law enforcement.

If you were working for the Governor and were being put in the position of promoting traffic safety and compliance with the law, would you not be embarrassed by this speeding? If your job, and your retirement, perhaps, were at stake, would you not resent the actions of the Governor, which are an embarrassment to law enforcement?

Violation of the speeding laws, especially in the City, endangers lives. How does the driver, a sworn police officer, justify this conduct? How does John Denko justify this conduct? How does Governor Richardson justify it? We, the people of New Mexico, are entitled to an express, public apology from John Denko and Governor Richardson; and a pledge that this conduct is ended.

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