Thursday, May 05, 2005



We should consider allowing high school students to hire out as designated drivers. They could apply for a designated driver's license, and liability insurance for their conduct could be provided through the risk management division of the State. These drivers would be called by a customer, go to the home of the customer, and be a designated driver for the evening. An opportunity to catch up on school work while the customer parties. Home by midnight. It is easy to say, "Take a cab." That is not so easy to do; as our present system does not provide the fast, dependable, low-cost transportation that is needed to get people out of their own cars and out of the bars and into a taxi.

Another way to reduce DWI would be to expand taxi service during quitting time and evenings. This could be done by allowing independent vehicle owners to hire their vehicles out as taxis or limousines for partying purposes. Soon there would be such transportation available in the neighborhood, fast, and hopefully low-cost.

This sounds a lot like enabling. However, we must face the reality that people are allowed to buy alochol beverages by the drink, in bars and restaurants, and they have to get home somehow, sometime. We allow the bars and nightclubs to be open to serve alcoholic beverages by the drink, and to promote various types of social hours or happy hours. We know that people are sitting there getting intoxicated, or at least impaired, and we know that many will then get up to drive home. We should at least try to make the situation less dangerous. See previous posts on fighting DWI.

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