Monday, March 07, 2005


Occasionally we read about complaints of high crime in some neighborhoods. Some parts of town are referred to as "war zones" by the people who live in those areas. Perhaps these people are not aware of the opportunity they have to get increased security in their neighborhoods.

The answer is "Chief's Overtime." The people, acting through a neighborhood association, can hire off-duty police officers to patrol the neighborhood and keep down crime. The rate of pay is $30 per hour per officer, but with that the people will get an officer of the APD, in the APD uniform, and with the APD vehicle. The point is that the bad guys will not be able to distinguish these off-duty officers from on duty officers. The $30 will pay the administration costs and leave the officer with more than the usual hourly rate; all with approval of the Chief of Police (hence, the term "Chief's Overtime").

To get one of these contracts for your neighborhood, call the Albuquerque Police Department "Off Duty Overtime," as it appears under City of Albuquerque, in the telephone directory. The people in the high crime areas of Albuquerque should take note of this.

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